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The Dobele Adult Education and Business Support Centre, a municipal institution of Dobele county, is designing a website for home-based producers. The implementation of the project is supported by the Dobele Municipality Council. Our cooperation partners are the Dobele County Tourism Information Centre, the Dobele Crafts House, the Dobele Department of the Latvian Rural Consultancy Center.
The aim of the project is to support the home-based producers and craftsmen of the county, to promote the diversity of their products and services.

Dobele’s region lies in the serene plains of Zemgale under the dome of the clearest blue skies. It is rich with Latvian wisdom of life that the local people are excited to teach to visitors from near and far. The farmers, craftsmen and domestic producers are happy to share their experience, knowledge and fruits of labour – from offering tastings of both traditional and modern dishes to having the visitors trying their hand out in vegetable gardening or weaving with a loom. Some locals have unusual collections that tell the history through various daily-use items, whereas some have farm animals that love being petted by the visitors. Many have carefully cultivated gardens and nurseries where one can find a lush evergreen or a fragrant rose bush that will beautifully compliment any garden.

Here you’ll find information about current events, social events and fairs in Dobele’s region that the local farmers and domestic producers are attending, offering their goods. The website also has a section of suggested routes that will appeal both to Latvian and foreign tourists. These routes of the scenic Dobele’s region are comprehensive, providing the visitors with an opportunity to learn about the diverse Latvian trades and crafts acquire ancient knowledge and expose oneself to new sensations of taste and smell.

The website is a useful source for the residents of the region and tourists alike. It is a source of information on local leisure activities, cultural events and educational workshops. All craftsmen, domestic producers, farmers and entrepreneurs registered in the region are welcome to register with the website and become an addition to its content.

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About Dobele’s region

The landscape of Dobele is magnificent – Dobele’s region is right on the cusp of lush plains of Zemgale and the rolling hills of Kurzeme. The region’s geographical positioning is in the South-Western part of Latvia where the climate is comparatively warmer and drier than the rest of the country. Indeed, the Northern sun spoils this region – Dobele is one of the sunniest cities in the country.

Dobele’s region with its historical and cultural heritage, points of interest, the ever-changing landscape, nature’s goods and different leisure activities is appealing to many visitors. With great passion we have collaborated with many great minds of the region to describe all the amazing experiences the region has to offer – the festivities, harvest festivals, enchanting gardens, antiques depositories, workshops of craftsmen and artisans, and many more – to make it a popular destination for Latvian and foreign tourists alike.