Adventures within your reach

Our region is bountiful with fertile soil and lush flower, vegetable and fruit-tree plants that yield wholesome fruit. The local producers have mastered how to skilfully turn these nature’s gifts into delicious treats. Dobele’s region’s seasonal fairs and farmers markets gather local farmers, craftsmen, artisans and domestic producers, giving every visitor an all-around taste of locally produced goods. Every farmer’s market, workshop and fair is carefully planned, ensuring that the offer will represent Dobele’s region and its distinctive goods and services – in gardening, entertainment, taste and pleasure, and education alike.

We are on the way to Kurzeme and on the way from Lithuania; Rīga is within arm’s reach. One does not have to travel far to meet the spring in blossoming lilacs or witness autumn in the abundant and rich crops. Treats and gifts from Dobele’s region will bring joy to oneself, one’s family, relatives and friends in all corners of Latvia.

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  • aboldiena-sakums

    Apple Day and autumn harvest festival tour

    Tour’s motto: come to Dobele and taste the delicious apples! Saturday, 3 October for the 5th time the “Apple Day and Harvest Festival” will be celebrated in Dobele. Visitors will be able to taste the delicious apple juice, purchase freshly squeezed apple juice and different varieties of apples. Fun, attractive entertainment and exploratory activities are

  • dobeledara-benku-darzs11

    The tour of summer tastes and practical ideas

    The motto of the tour: be active and enjoy! Summer is a lovely time to visit the gardens of season’s berries and farms of healthy vegetables. Every visitor will enjoy the time spent in active collecting of delicious berries and other goodies, as well as will find out the secrets of practical gardening and plant

  • dobeledara-klugu-ainavu-darzs16

    Tour to the diversity and glory of the summer gardens

    The motto of the tour: it has to be seen! Dobele’s county offers very beautiful gardens in the middle of the summer. For years acquired knowledge and practical work is reflected in the diversity of flowers and plants, as well as, in the development of garden landscapes. Indeed, you have to see the gardens, to

  • mājražotāji dobele dara

    Tour to the biggest planet’s birds

    Tours motto: wonder and enjoy! African ostrich farm “Mazzarini” is located near the Dobele district boundaries, on the way from Jelgava. Tour welcomes visitors of all ages. Everyone will discover and learn many interesting facts about the largest birds on the planet.

  • Poniji

    Tour – get to know the life of country farming and exotic domestic animals

    This is a tour for getting to know the life of country farming of Dobele region. The hostesses of the farms have a lot to show and tell. In the stops of this tour, you’ll find out about domestic animals, even will see the most exotic animal, you’ll be able to try out ancient work

  • dobele-dara-Stelmaheru_akmens_darzs_5

    Tour for the admirers of the beautiful and practical gardens

    Tour motto: to view and to create! The gardeners and country estate hosts of Dobele region are very proud of their beautiful landscape and theme gardens. There is a lot to see, not only for the gardeners-to-become but also for the professionals. Garden owners will provide the useful and practical information, if you are willing

  • dobele-dara-liepas-siltumnica-ieksa

    Tour for the garden lovers, flower and plant growers

    Tour motto: to plant and to create! Spring is the best time for the garden lowers, it’s a time to get fruit-trees, berry bushes, plants of early vegetables and flowers for you gardens, porches and balconies. When the plants are obtained and goodies of local farmers are tasted, it’s time to enjoy the lilac blossoms