From fresh nature’s bounty to exquisite gourmet treats and smoked goods – the most delicious, skilfully prepared foods from Dobele’s region – all in one place. Taste it all, meet the farmers and domestic producers, and find many treats to serve on the table on regular and special occasions. Warning: very delicious!

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Starting from this summer Institute of Horticulture offers a special collection of four taste ice creams. The garden visitors can taste home-made ice creams from quinces, seabuckth...
  • Fruit
  • Sweets
Institute of Horticulture, the leading fruit and vegetable-growing research center in Latvia, offers domestic seasonal juicy fruit and berry collection, as well as other healthy an...
  • Bewerages
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The garden named after famous plant breeder Peteris Upitis is very popular among visitors in blossoming time in May, when more than in 4 hectares lilacs are blooming. Around 200 di...
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Summer is a very productive and rich time in Laima Hercberg’s farm "Vizbuli". Summer offers different types of seasonal vegetables. You can plan a longer visit of the farm, because...
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„I loved to draw at school”, says Dzintra Goba, the master of magnificent gingerbreads. And the love to drawing has found a practical expression in the business of handicrafted gin...
  • Sweets
Marika makes delicious homemade bread with natural yeast. By adding different seeds like pumpkin, sunflower, cumin and linseed, bread becomes not only yummy, but also healthy. Mari...
  • Sweets

Delicious home-made ice creams from various berries and fruits

Seasonal juicy fruit and berry collection

Ingathering of summer fruits and berries

Organic farming in “Vizbuļi”

Goba’s gingerbreads

Homemade bread, gingerbreads and other goodies

  • + 371 26201427
  • „Kalnacīruļi’’, Īles rural municipality, Auces region

Berze's Watermill

  • + 371 26439106
  • “Dzirnavas”, Bērzes rural municipality, Dobeles region

Dobele's local market

Vegetables from farm “Dārzi”

Organic farming in “Vizbuļi”

Sheep and wool from “Tumšie”

Olga's 3D cakes

Honey products from “Grantiņi”

Smoked meat from “Gulbji”

Honey from “Lapsas”

  • + 371 28328875
  • Z/s “Lapsas”, Penkule rural territory, Dobele municipality

Homade jams and sauerkraut from “Pērles”

  • +371 29106391
  • Z/s “Pērles”, Auru rural territory, Dobele municipality

Domestic producer Ms. Lorita Miķelsone

Variety of veggies and pickled cabbages from “Purmaļi”

  • + 371 28744591
  • Z/s “Purmaļi”, Auru rural territory, Dobele municipality

Milk from farms “Kokles” and “Kraujas”

  • + 371 29113879
  • Z/s “Kokles”, z/s “Kraujas”, Biksti rural territory, Dobele municipality

Milk, sour cream, butter and cheese from “Pūliņi”

  • +371 29540173
  • Z/s “Pūliņi”, Jaunbērzes rural territory, Dobele municipality

“Rūķīšu tēja” teas, juices, syrups and preserves

Organic dairy farm "Bikstu Brīvzemnieki"

  • + 371 29188953, + 371 26131762
  • Z/S “Mazzemnieki”, Bikstu rural territory, Dobele municipality, LV 3713

Sauna and winery at ”Cīruļi”

Variety of milk products from “Liepiņas”

  • + 371 29359320, + 371 29148533
  • Z/s “Liepiņas”, Bikstu rural territory, Dobele municipality